Masks: Will the Real You Please Step Forward?

Some more reflections from Paul Symonds, a member of the Community Church Family:
We've heard a lot about masks lately. About how we need to remove them so that we can be who God intended us to be and not what we think we should be. But there is another type of mask that needs to be addressed in this process - the masks that we put on each other.

"Your Turn"

From Paul, a member of the Community Church family:
There is currently a luxury car advert on TV that shows a man driving around in all sorts of exotic places having a great time. He eventually parks up at the end of an endless line of people, throws the keys to the man at the front of the line and says, "Your turn" (see the advert here).  It struck me that this is a good metaphor for our lives.

Skiing Uphill!

A picture that Liz, a member of the Community Church family, saw:
"I could see myself trying to ski uphill, but then I saw a rope and pulley, I took hold of it, but then it became Jesus’ hand.  Towards the top I saw flowers blooming.  When I reached the top, the snow became a clear crystal stream, and there were trees and flowers all around.
I felt God was saying, He is with me in all circumstances.  I just have to take His hand and trust Him."

True Freedom

Sonya Shotter, a member of Community Church, shares something God's been speaking to her about
God spoke to me a few months ago about the way I think about myself.  He said I was putting myself in a box and sticking a label on it in the way I think about how God uses me or might want to use me!  He said to me that this is not the way He thinks about me and my life and so neither should I!

Thoughts for the New Year

Some thoughts for the New Year from Lynne, a member of Community Church:


When I was spending time with God recently I felt God was telling me to be like a stem cell so I looked up a couple of things about them:

  • Stem cells in the body are unspecialised cells that can become almost anything in the body.
  • They can renew themselves and divide indefinitely.
  • They can renew themselves after long periods of inactivity 


Philippines Typhoon Update

Support to the Typhoon Victims in Bantayan Island, Cebu Province
First Phase: December 5 – 8, 2013

Half Term Fun...

We had loads of fun together with our local community – kids and grown-ups – during the half term holidays last week!

A Family on a Journey

We have been on an interesting journey together as a church family over the last twelve months. It has involved some changes, as journeys always do. It has involved leaving the familiar and exploring the new. It has involved letting go of certain things and being prepared to embrace new things. But of course, this is how it is meant to be. The Christian life is a journey, a pilgrimage that began when you first put your trust in Jesus and decided to follow him and there are even more changes ahead for all of us, individually and together.

Loving our Community at Christmas

Dear all at Community Church,
I work with a lot of elderly people, and this time of year reminds them how lonely they actually are. This is the story of a lady that I met recently.....