Melody Dads!

Melody Dads! is a thriving father and toddler group for pre-school children. With craft, play and music sessions for dads and their kids, the sessions are both educational and a lot of fun. It runs every third Saturday of the month and costs just £1.00 per person over 6 months. This includes drinks and a snack for the kids, for an additional £1.70, you can have a bacon butty!
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Every Third Saturday of the Month


Dads & Kids

"What even is Melody Dads?"

What is Melody Dads all about? Hear from the dads and helpers in this video.

Dan Lush

God is my healer

I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and as much of it as I wanted. Two years ago though I was quite ill and ended up with a stomach problem. Suddenly I felt very ill if I ate slightly too much and certain foods aggravated my condition. I lost over a stone in weight and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong. I underwent several very unpleasant procedures to try and diagnose it but there was no clear result. I was taking medication every day which helped my condition but was not able to sort it out.

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