X-cel is a group for 11-18 year-olds that aims to help them grow in their Christian faith. It involves discussion, worship, prayer, games and various activities, giving the young people a chance to enjoy time together as well as being encouraged and challenged to put their faith into action.


Monday evenings during term-time, 7:15 – 9:15pm


Jubilee Centre


11-18 year-olds

Alison Lloyd

Totally Transformed

At four months old, I developed a bad skin condition. It included eczema but also involved a thick dryness that was uncomfortable, hyper sensitive and prone to infection. From childhood, wearing clothes was very uncomfortable, as my skin would often split, and many things would cause my skin to become rashy and sore. Since I was a young child, I had believed that God would heal me, and when a man of God who had experienced revival in Cuba came to England, I felt a real rise of faith that God was going to do it. After he prayed for me my skin felt hot and tingly all over.

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